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About Us

Central Board Of Open Education Delhi is an autonomous body, which is established for development of education under the guidelines of national education policy 1986 Govt. of india. and programme of action 1992 Govt. of India.

It has been constituted to regulate non formal Primary, Middle, Secondary (10th ), Senior Secondary (12th ) education and other vocational courses ( Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India . With the help of educational experts to educate un educated boys, girls, men and women to upliftment the literacy in india. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity . Board may impart education with international techniques and with stress on morally, mentally, physically and socially personality.

Ours is an autonomous body and all educational boards / universities are autonomous bodies. Each educational organization having discretionary powers . According these powers every board / university / state Govts. / Central Govt. of India having the liberty and right to take own decision either to allow or refuse any admission / service. But we do our best to make success the non formal education programer . All the education programme run by the board is board's own autonomous education programer. Legality, Validity, Utility of the education program is strict conformity with the constitution of India and law of the land under Article 19(1)G, 29 & 30.



  • Our motto is Education, Health & Character.
  • To give the best possible teaching and training to its students. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity.
  • Democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of learners.
  • Providing assess to high quality to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications.
  • Offering need based academic programmers by giving professional and vocational orientation to the course.
  • To promoting and developing distance education in India & Abroad.
  • To individualised study: - flexibility in terms of place and duration of study
  • To give cost effective and self employment education programm.
  • Student support through the services network.


The final examination in theory and practical are held at the end of the session in March/ april and in supplementry exams in sep/ oct. A candidate has declared successful on scoring minimum of 33% marks in each paper.


Every successful declared student will be awarded D.M.C. / Certificate by the Central Board Of Open Education Delhi.

Age & Sex

There will be no restriction of age ,caste, sex, region,country under open and distance education system of the board.


The medium of each education programme will be according to their Regional Language/ State Language/ Country Language. But Question Paper Will be published only in English / Hindi, student can give answer in english/ hindi or his/ her state language. But it should be mentioned earlier in the examination form.

Rules & Regulations

  • Check and satisfy necessary information about education programme / board before admission no responsibility of the institute / board after that.
  • Fees once paid should not be refunded or changed under any rule.
  • Every student abides to and obtains to present rule and regulations and directions of the institute/ board and also those which are to be enforced time to time.
  • Any change of the rules & regulation directions by the exam body shall be acceptable to the student.
  • The Board / organisation run non-formal self employment education programme only and not give any guarantee for further educational use or any job.
  • If any document found bogus the admission and result should be canceled automatically without any notice.
  • If student fails to deposit the fees in the due time the admission should be canceled without any notice and any primary deposit fees should not be refunded.
  • If study material or documents will be lost in the post no responsible of the institute / board.
  • If any student / members / teachers / employees of any institute / center have any dispute with the board / institution it will be resolved through the committee appointed by the Central Board Of Open Education Delhi. The decision of the the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties, Direct Court will not be permissible.

Chairman's Massage

The challenge before us was to make the instructional delivery of curriculum convenient and as effective as regular classes for the students. It had to be a well-planned and organized extended learning Endeavour which allowed students to pursue other activities without affecting their learning. Reaching out to them through the online medium was an excellent way to deliver educational resources and nullify the location constraint.

The National policy on Education suggested strengthening of CBOED for extending open learning facilities in a phased manner at Pre Secondary & Pre Sr. Secondary levels all over the country and abroad as an independent system with its own curriculum and examination leading to awarding of certificates. This was intended to address the needs of students or working professionals in India and abroad to further the cause of spreading education.

CBOE offers a viable and convenient approach for education as comprehensive study material is delivered online after admission. The process of admission is simple too as students only need to register online and get admitted with the enrolment number sent right away. The instructional resources made available to the students are without the bottleneck of language. They have the option to choose the language of their study material. The results of pass out students are backed by online verification. This organization is not equivalent with any Govt. Board/Council. The organization run non-formal self employment education programme only and not give any guarantee for further educational use or any job.

Spreading the cause of making education convenient through the internet was a novel initiative suggested by the National policy on Education and we took this opportunity to start CBOED. The way our instructional delivery and online facilitation of educational courses have expanded in India and abroad, it is a fulfillment of our aspiration to play a pivotal role in making education convenient for students all over the world.

Aim & Objective

  • To manage, run and establish best quality educational institute all over the India
  • To promote Indian education all over the world
  • To work for community development and welfare of the economically and socially backwards.
  • The provide opportunities of education for economically poor and needy.
  • The open educational institute for young kids and unemployed youth.
  • To organize seminars, symposium for young and old.
  • To work for the educational uplift of illiterate.
  • To promote cultural and social activities by arranging cultural programs and sports.
  • To arrange competitions in every fields of education for the growth of young. Kids and youth by giving the prizes. To arrange
  • picnics and educational tour programmers.
  • To maintain educational library science equipments and play room.
  • Computer facility will be provided to all.
  • To provide free education for helpless and poor and also to rural areas.
  • To promote cultural education and social sprit among the society.
  • To start open establish and promote the computer institute.
  • To provide no formal education and to conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subject relating to education.
  • To arrange and manage the vocational training institution in typing short hand , computer , fine arts, crafts, music, painting , dancing, yoga , physical, fashion designing, cutting tailoring embroidery, batiks, beautician and in other professional training subjects courses.
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programmers symposiums , cultural-programmers, press conference and seminars.
  • To provide food, clothes, medical aid, stationary, laboratories, rearing room, hostel, playground, swimming pool and other facilities to student.
  • To provide scholarships and help to the student and awards for their excellent academic performance.
  • To provide free /confessional education to the helpless, poor and needy students, specially to the handicapped student.
  • To preface the awareness generation kits, posters banners, audio video cassettes, puppet show, skit, documents etc. on various social issues and for the attachment of the aims and objects of the above trust.
  • To publish books, charts, illustration, journals, magazines, newsletter paper and other publication on the different subject and in different language for the promotion of above aims and objects of the above trust.
  • To assist and co-operate the other association, societies, trust on their work/activities whose aims are same like this board.
  • Grant of medical help to the poor, grant of medical help to the person effected during famine, floods earthquakes or any other natural calamity or war.
  • To start establish fun, manage and control various anath ashram , old age homes, children's home all over India as and when the board of trusts may decide time to time.
  • To organize meetings, seminars, discussions and press conferences to legal demands and fundamental nights provide by the constitution of India
  • To take up effective but reasonable s lawful steps for eradication of social evils such as dowry.

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