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Pre Secondary Course

These courses will be conducted by Central Board Of Open Education (CBOED) through its Coordinators and Centres under membership Scheme. The Professional Courses are intended for the Students who have passed Class VIII and looking for some learning as well as carrier opportunities. You can choose subjects from the scheme of studies available. However you will be required to successfully complete minimum of 7 (seven) subjects with at least one language.



Group 'A'

  • Hindi (CB201)
  • English (CB202)
  • Urdu (CB203)
  • Bengali (CB204)
  • Assamese (CB205)
  • Nepali (CB206)
  • Sanskrit (CB207)
  • Tamil (CB208)
  • Telugu (CB209)
  • Gujrati (CB210)
  • Kannada (CB211)
  • Kashmiri (CB212)
  • Marathi (CB213)
  • Malayalam (CB214)
  • Oriya (CB215)
  • Punjabi (CB216)
  • Bodo (CB217)
  • Garo (CB218)

Group 'B'

  • Mathematics (CB256)
  • Economics (CB257)
  • History (CB258)
  • Geography (CB259)
  • Business Studies (CB260)
  • Home Science (CB261)
  • Psychology (CB262)
  • Painting (CB263)
  • Life Science (CB264)
  • Data Entry Operations (CB265)
  • Physical Science (CB266)
  • Education (CB267)

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