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High Secondary Course

This course is designed for those who have passed the X th standard or equivalent examination from a recognized board and would like continue their education towards a Pre Senior Secondary certification. You can choose subjects from the scheme of studies given. However you can choose 5 (five) subjects with one or two languages from Group - A, and the remaining subjects from Group - B.

Two additional subjects can be taken from either of the two Groups.



Group 'A'

  • Hindi (CB301)
  • English (CB302)
  • Urdu (CB303)
  • Bengali (CB304)
  • Assamese (CB305)
  • Nepali (CB306)
  • Sanskrit (CB307)
  • Tamil (CB308)
  • Telugu (CB309)
  • Gujrati (CB310)
  • Kannada (CB311)
  • Kashmiri (CB312)
  • Marathi (CB313)
  • Malayalam (CB314)
  • Oriya (CB315)
  • Punjabi (CB316)
  • Bodo (CB317)
  • Garo (CB318)

Group 'B'

  • Mathematics (CB356)
  • Physics (CB357)
  • Chemistry (CB358)
  • Biology (CB359)
  • History (CB360)
  • Geography (CB361)
  • Political Science (CB362)
  • Economics (CB363)
  • Business Studies (CB364)
  • Accountancy (CB365)
  • Home Science (CB366)
  • Psychology (CB367)
  • Computer Science (CB368)
  • Sociology (CB369)
  • Painting (CB370)
  • Environmental Science (CB371)
  • Mass Communication (CB372)
  • Data Entry Operations (CB373)
  • Education (CB267)

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